Based on personal assessment, I’m more than half way towards perfecting the art of  looking into the simple joys of life and focusing on the bright side of things.

I think that’s the reason why many people say that I’m carefree and cheerful.

I was able to read a set of list of simple delights in life from Reader’s Digest many years ago, and I have made my own list.

Things that keep on giving me delight (not in any particular order):

1. Reading a book that suits my interest

2. Seeing the delighted expression of someone who is opening the gift I gave

3. Receiving and giving kind, unsolicited compliments

4. Good customer service

5. Carefree vacation

6. Long road trips

7. travelling alone or with a non-complaining companion

8. Having someone play with my hair

9. Unexpected thoughtful mail, package, presents or personal messages (not forwarded messages please…)

10. Kits/loot bags (any kind, I just want to see the stuffs inside)

11. Plain notebooks

12. Fountain pens (I’m okay looking at pictures in the internet)

13. Watching movies by myself

14. Bazaar shopping by myself

15. Attending The Feast

16. Being entertained by talent show participants

17. Looking at colorful flowers, especially yellow, and trees and plants bearing fruits.

18. Looking at different fresh fruits and vegetables at the market (It makes me think and feel that God has been giving us everything that we need)

19. Strolling at a park on a breezy afternoon 2 hours before the sunset

20. Hanging out with friends

21. Eating plain ice cream (ube, mango, green tea)

22. Hang out with family at home

23. Expressing myself through writing

24. Seconds before airplane take off

25. Dark chocolates

26. Identifying birds at a park or seeing free colorful birds at a park

27.  Waking up in the middle of the night and finding out that it’s not yet time to wake up, or waking up late in the morning and finding out it’s weekend!

28. Being at home while it’s raining hard

29. Being pampered in a salon or spa

30. Nature trips