The turtle always wins

One of the turning points in my life was the day when I decided to invest in the stock market two years ago.

My brother did not stop encouraging, bugging and annoying me to open an account at COLFinancial (formerly Citiseconline) until I finally did. The book “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market (and why you should too),” written by Bo Sanchez, the most sought Filipino Catholic lay preacher, helped me understood initially what investing in the stock market is about, and I was able to be convinced partially.

One factor that made me not invest right away was the initial deposit of P5,000 ( approx, $121) that can already be used to buy stocks. It’s an amount that is initially difficult to put somewhere by a free and young professional, when it can be used to buy something exciting at the present time, or by someone who is used to the concept of putting savings in the bank. But on the other hand, and I realized later, it is a relatively small amount to be able to initially invest in the stock market.

When I already had my account, I was so excited to buy stocks from different blue chip (well-established) companies. I checked my stocks everyday, I had been tempted to buy and sell, and I encouraged and was able to convince my friends to invest in the stock market as well.  I was such a neophyte, and I was able to identify 4 different characteristics that I had at different times when I read another book by the same author I mention above, “”The Turtle Always Wins.”  There had been times when I was rabbit, a squirrel, a sloth. But now, I believe I am or at least I’m trying to be a turtle. I am determined to win.

To be humble and to listen to mentors was one thing I skipped before. I did not consider experience, tips and wisdom from other people  to further enhance  the strength of my money working hard for me.

Truly Rich Club is an online forum by Bo Sanchez on creating wealth, including investing in the stock market. Members are prompted on what companies to buy stocks from, when to sell, what price to buy and sell, etc. It took me one year before I was able to decide to join the club. Why? Because of the subscription fee that is P497/month ($12). I thought, I will just use the money for buying more stocks. But I had been so curious all the while, from reading successful and happy testimonies from members.

At the moment, I am a truly blessed and truly happy member of the truly rich club. Here are why:

1. Stocks update – I trust the expertise of the mentors, never worry nor get too excited even if we’ll have a bull market, or there’s national or global crisis, a recession, a coup d’etat, or whatever, and just be excited on my journey towards financial freedom.

2. God whispers – a daily inspirational mail that reminds me of God’s love

3. Wealth Strategies – Being wealthy is not just about money, but being bountiful in all aspects in life. This is an updated compilation of enriching wealth strategies

4. Success Mentors and Power Talks – these are downloadable interviews with successful business men and remarkable people, and very inspiring talks by Bo Sanchez. I have them in my iPod, and I listen to one when I need to relax and when I’m bored during waiting times on a travel.

5. Exclusive social network – this is a Facebook-like social network exclusive for Truly Rich Club Members; one may ask/consult experts or fellow members, be inspired and become financially literate at the same time

With all these perks, I can say that my P497 per month is more than all its worth.

If  you want to experience the same or just take a peek on the entryway of the road to financial freedom, I encourage you to visit:

May you be truly rich!