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Like a child who cannot contain his happiness and excitement when he enters a place full of toys of his dreams, be it a playground or a toy store, I feel the same zest when I enter a bookstore or an office supplies store.

My friend, Antonette, and I never miss dropping by the National Bookstore, Fully Booked or Office Warehouse before going home on Sundays, when we usually attend The Feast in PICC together.

Here are several of the possible reasons that I can think of:

1. Passion (to write, to read, to organize things or thoughts)

2. To replenish emptying personal office supplies stocks to be used the following week.

3. To find new things and be delighted by them. Innovations and bright ideas on these kind of things can be quite amazing sometimes.

pens, papers, rulersYou know, people sometimes do not really know what they need or what could make their activities more convenient to do, so manufacturers and marketers do that for them.

4. To kill time in a little bit more creative/useful way than doing nothing

5. To relieve stress. I know what can make me enjoy, happy and contented, so I don’t miss dropping by a bookstore or an office supplies store whenever I have a chance.