I don’t have a place near the airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) anymore. The roommate of my friend,  in Makati did not go home yet for the weekend so I chose not to stay in her place supposedly until near my flight to Iloilo City at 0430H on May 11, 2013 via Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 451. I was supposed to go home to Valenzuela City to hand 2 Kg of French fries to my niece for her and the rest in the household to munch for the long weekend. But it rained, and the traffic was medium heavy, so I decided not to go there anymore. So here I am, carrying 4 Kg of fries (another 2 Kg for my brother in Iloilo City). This is the first time that I’m staying at the airport overnight until my flight. I’m wondering if I could ever afford to have a nap. I’m afraid to oversleep and not be able to catch my flight. Here’s how I was able to reach the NAIA Terminal 3:

2030H – Departure from Balibago, Sta. Rosa via JAM Liner (P61.00)

2130H – Pioneer (Robinsons Forum), EDSA; dinner at Jollibee (Southbound side of the road)

2215H – Take aircon bus going to MIA, but I had to get off at MRT Taft Station (P18.00)

2300H – MRT Taft Station, Pasay City

2305H – Cross EDSA via MRT overpass

In front of Sogo hotel beside McDonald’s there is a “taxi stand.” I was the last person in the line, but I was the first to get one because I was the first one seen by the barker (one who calls taxi’s if not available in the stand, or voluntarily assists a passenger when a taxi is readily waiting). It seems that one has no choice but to give tip to these barkers. They ask if you don’t do anything. I fished for coins in my pocket. I got 1 Peso and gave it to him. He said (in tagalog), “Only this? It’s difficult to find a taxi out there at this time!” I found another 1 Peso and gave it to him. He said, “Sampu po” (Ten Pesos). So I knew there is some kind of a minimum for the tip, huh? But the last coin I had was only 5 Pesos. I told him that were all the coins (P7 in total) I had. He just smiled and slowly moved away.

I told the taxi driver I’m going to NAIA Terminal 3. The driver said, “Ituro mo na lang kung saan” (Just give me directions on how to go there). I replied, “Terminal 3 di nyo po alam?” (You don’t know Terminal 3?) I was 50% sure it was some kind of a tactic to know if I know the way. Otherwise, he’ll have the opportunity to take the longest route so I’ll have to pay more. I guess he was a little bit embarrassed. He said, “Alam ko yung Terminal 3 pero may shortcut kase dito” (I know Terminal 3, but there a shortcut somewhere). I said, “Kakanan lang po dyan sa may flyover” (Just turn right at the next flyover”). He then just echoed the next directions I said to him, that led me to think my suspicion was right. When we reached Terminal 3, he said, “Mas malakas itong Terminal 3” (Terminal 3 has more passengers (compared to Terminal 2)). So he really knows. He should have kept quiet instead and saved himself bits of integrity.

2320H – I’m just so glad to be here at the airport. I feel more safe here than being somewhere along EDSA.

I understand that it’s boring to wait for hours, people get tired and sleepy. But some people can afford to occupy 3-4 chairs in a row, lie down and sleep comfortably, never thinking of other passengers who may have to sit as well. Good for the rest who found for themselves sides of hallways to sleep.

A few more hours and I’ll be home.