Tomorrow, May 13th of 2013, is Election Day. While I was in the car on the way to Dumarao, Capiz from Iloilo City, I saw a line from a poster that says something like, “Ang indi pagbaligya sang boto, permanente nga solusyon sa kaimulon” (To not sell your vote is the permanent solution for poverty). For me, the intention of that line is good, saying that the amount that one can receive from an election candidate who is buying votes may be used only for one day, but the effects of corruption once that candidate will have a seat in pubic office will be far more oppressing and lasting than the current difficulty that the Filipino families and individuals experience today. I just don’t agree with the word ‘permanent.’ It’s like saying that it is the real one big solution to the long time problem of the society.

If I were a Miss Universe candidate and I was asked, “For you, what is the permanent solution to poverty?” My answer would be: “For me, the permanent solution to poverty is the collective effort and perseverance of each individual to prosper and be successful in life. One should not wait for the president of the country or anyone else to do something with his fate. One should take charge of his own success. Thank you.”