I received a big blow from you.

I was almost knocked out for a day.

For a time I felt trapped on a quicksand.

But I was glad you did not leave right away.

Instead, you held out to me a stick to help me up,

Gripped firmly so you will not loose balance.

The pain would not go away.

I was wondering if it would ever leave.

Time passed by, and alas!

I found strength to tighten my grip,

And pull myself up to the ground.

Unexpectedly, I realized that it was not I,

But you, who were trapped on the quicksand,

Holding on to the other end of the stick,

Firmly gripped by my hand so I will not loose balance.

Then you suddenly let go and I just fell.

You are once again trapped,

Waiting for some passerby to help you up.

Time passed by and surprisingly,

I’m well.

I tried to empathize with my old foolish self.

I can’t, because it is hardly there.

I’m well.