“I can just stare at them and feel good.”

Toddlers would often want something new, especially toys. That is based on my personal observation. I was not like that (you may ask my parents Smile ). I was shy to ask them to buy me something.

When I was 8 to 9 years old, I can recall that my favorite place inside a mall was the Stationery section. I find delight moving around the area and checking out stuffs. I do that every single Sunday after going to Mass. I would buy stuffs which I can afford to buy out of what my budget from weekly allowance would permit.

When I was reviewing for the Chemistry Board Examination, there were times when I felt so stressed. I would just go to the office and school supplies section of a grocery store in UP Diliman shopping center and check out pencils, paper, notebooks, etc. I can just stare at them and feel good.


I was not really into writing. But when I was in 5th grade, I was encouraged by my friend to take an exam for school paper, The Flame, with her when we saw the announcement on a bulletin board.

That was a Saturday, and my yaya, the late ‘Nang Etit, dropped me at school. When it was 5 minutes before the start of the exam, I realized I had a big problem. Can you imagine, when I first took an exam for our school paper, I forgot to bring any writing material and just borrowed a black ballpoint pen from my seatmate. I can still remember it was a black Panda pen and the one who lent me was an upper class named April Magbanua. During briefing, the school paper moderator, Sir Boy, said something like, “I intentionally did not indicate in the announcement what you are going to bring because as one who would take an exam for a school paper, you should know what to bring.” Ouch! So there I was with supposedly nothing, and could just take the exam because of the good Samaritan seatmate.

I tried to forget about it, thinking I stood no chance of passing. Several weeks later, I was informed by one fellow pupil, an upper class, that I passed and I was suddenly a Junior Staff for The Flame! I had nowhere to place all the happiness I felt inside me. I jumped and ran towards the bulletin board to read the results myself and be convinced. That was the start of my “career as a writer.” I would answer Q&A’s regarding national issues in The Phillippine Star on its Sunday issues and would be delighted to see my contribution in national newspaper. I was assistant Editor-in-Chief when I was a Senior in High School. When I was already working as a chemist in Universal Robina Corporation, I was able to write articles on a few issues of Access Magazine.

I learned to love writing, but it took a while before I realized it.

Now, I love to write on my journals. I’ve got several in different sizes so that I can bring one anywhere I go and whatever the size of my bag is. I use a fountain pen. I like its effect with my handwriting on blank sheets in the journals, and saves my hand from aching due to writing long articles. I prefer plain paper over ruled or dotted ones.

Aside from writing to express myself,  to give information and sometimes to entertain, I enjoy the benefits of writing for years, in my work. I have less problem with making reports, documents, communications, etc.

Thank you God, for giving me the gift of writing.