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July 2013

Surprise message from an acquaintance

“At first my intention was to impress her or get her attention but it was later changed into wanting a personal change, receiving more blessings and even to the extent of being a blessing to other people.” Continue reading “Surprise message from an acquaintance”

It Feels Good But I Can Hardly Explain Why

About one-sixth of my life was spent in a home where we had to use mosquito nets at night. My favorite place in bed would be near the wall where I would get a better feel of the mosquito net texture when I rub or just even touch the sole of my feet on it. Continue reading “It Feels Good But I Can Hardly Explain Why”

Atoms Get Excited Only For a While

atom 1

My Organic Chemistry professor once said, “Atoms get into excited state. But eventually, they will go back to their ground state. Have you ever been excited for 30 days straight?”

According to Wikipedia, quantum mechanics says that an excited state is having an energy above the absolute minimum.The lifetime of an excited state is usually short, and this return to a lower energy level is called decay. There is a long-lived excited state though, referred to as metastable.

This excited state thing may indeed be applicable human beings, as the human body is a system itself. Continue reading “Atoms Get Excited Only For a While”

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