atom 1

My Organic Chemistry professor once said, “Atoms get into excited state. But eventually, they will go back to their ground state. Have you ever been excited for 30 days straight?”

According to Wikipedia, quantum mechanics says that an excited state is having an energy above the absolute minimum.The lifetime of an excited state is usually short, and this return to a lower energy level is called decay. There is a long-lived excited state though, referred to as metastable.

This excited state thing may indeed be applicable human beings, as the human body is a system itself.

Some ignition is needed to make things fire up. But in the long run, they will become nothing out of ordinary. The fire will kindle less and less until they become no more than embers that will soon die out. Nothing will be left but ash.

Maybe the phenomenon is indeed a fact of life. Cells are made of atoms after all.

But remember what an exciting life we do have. It is given that we live our lives in ground state at a minimum. There will always be lots of unexpected things to ignite our core and will make various positive emotions shoot up.

Life is a sinusoid that repetitively oscillates smoothly.

It’s great to feel good most of the time. But we will appreciate more and savor more the good things if we have experienced first hand their absence.