About one-sixth of my life was spent in a home where we had to use mosquito nets at night. My favorite place in bed would be near the wall where I would get a better feel of the mosquito net texture when I rub or just even touch the sole of my feet on it.

I also liked to sleep on a folding bed with similar texture feel to that of the mosquito net.

All the while until I was in college, I thought I was the only person in the world who is like that. To my surprise, some of my friends share the same habit. Some friends of my friends do that as well. I even knew of someone who cut the mosquito net to the shape of her slippers and attached it to her slippers so she would have contact with it even while walking.

Up to now, I do not know what condition we do have. I do not know if that is some kind of a disorder or something. I would be glad if somebody can tell or explain.

Today, one of my essential things is a screen bag. It is a classic shopping bag in wet markets, but I use it for a different purpose that is, as a substitute for a mosquito net. The comfort I feel is just the same. A screen bag is more handy. I can bring it anywhere.