It was the 30th of November in 2010, Bonifacio Day, a holiday. I was home, alone.

I was in front of the computer when I felt like a click on my lower back. The pain that it created made me to automatically head downstairs where my mobile phone was. To my surprise, I was having a hard time going down the stairs! I could not move my hips! It was kind of locked and painful when I try to move with it. I had to move using my strong hands, arms and legs using the stairs railing and wall on the other side. Finally, I reached the ground floor and managed to lie down on the sofa, in supine position. Supine position, and no other. I could not move my hips. As much as I want to lie on my stomach because I was having dysmenorrhea at the same time, it was impossible. I felt helpless.

Moment came when I need to use the toilet. I had to roll to the floor using my shoulders and legs, then stand up using my hands and legs. I had to go to the toilet by holding on to the walls. There was no support from my hip joint. I had a hard time inside the toilet. I threw up. I could not clean the mess I made. I thought that when I was going to die that day, people would know I suffered first. Then I returned to the sofa, with the same difficulty of course.

Just as God let Adam fall asleep before taking out one of his rib to create a woman, I fell asleep, which was the best anesthetic available for me that time. I woke up after 3 hours and the pain lessened.

I could sit, but cannot stand for more than 3 seconds. I still could not walk 2 meters distance. Thus I could not even walk to our door and ask somebody to buy me a pain reliever. I was just sitting on a chair. Then the lady who has a sari-sari store adjacent to our house was suddenly standing near our window. I called her and asked her to deliver for me a pain reliever tablet. I told her to wait for me by the door because I was having difficulty to walk.

Up to today, thank God I did not experience such again. I had myself checked by an orthopaedic doctor, underwent x-ray, and he said nothing was wrong. I could not reconcile with that. I told him my experience and recommended me to undergo MRI. Then it was found out I had a slight slipped disc.

Our backbone is composed of segments of bones. In between them are discs that are hydrated. As one ages, the discs may become dehydrated and may slip from its position.

I underwent 12 sessions of therapy and was counselled to do swimming and pilates as execise and therapy. I had to avoid exercises that would require up and down motions…just like running (ooops).

I still jog from time to time, but not as long as 21 Km anymore. 3 Km is enough for me to burn excess fats from overeating. I see to it that I don’t just sit most of the time at work. When there is opportunity for swimming activity, I am delighted since I have come to enjoy swimming as well.

Some parts of our body cannot be returned to its best working condition once harmed. Did I not take good care of my body? I experienced a similar thing when I was in college, but the degree of pain in the two incidents were not close. The doctor asked me what my activities were, and suspected it could be because of Taekwondo. Well, there is a proper way of doing things. I may have just overdone one of my passions.

Health is wealth. Thank God I am happy and well now and enjoying life to the fullest.