It was a lovely morning with clear sky when we arrived at Baguio City. We decided to stop by Cafe by the Ruins for a quick breakfast before going to Diplomat Hotel, the first destination in our itinerary.

Cafe by the Ruins
I stumbled upon Cafe by the Ruins while doing research for our itinerary. It is located at 25 Shuntug St., Baguio City. Sometimes, it’s Chuntug Street. One may not notice the cafe along the street when he is not looking for it. It was built upon the ruins of house of one American who once resided at Baguio City.

a.k.a Shuntug Street

At seven in the morning, Cafe by the Ruins was full. And so we checked out the menu first while waiting for a free table. I could not help admiring the rustic setting of the place.

I settled for Ernies BLT and cold milk.

Ernie’s BLT (P200)
Fresh carabao’s milk from Nueva Ecija (P85)
Jonelle ordered Cua Pao and Americano coffee for a morning boost coming from a 6-hour bus ride.

Cua Pao (P200)

Americano Coffee (P100)
A ten percent service charge applies.

I have read about negative feedbacks about Cafe by the Ruins regarding food quality and service. But nevertheless, we enjoyed our food! I don’t really like breads, but I felt that their breads were baked passionately and according to tradition. I so love the presentation. The veggies just looked so fresh! I’m also not a food critique. For me, nutritious is delicious. We were so full that we could have pass lunch. But nah, we were going to Hill Station. ♥

Cafe by the Ruins is open from Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Cafe by the Ruins (encircled in green in the map below) is walking distance from Burnham park. Don’t mind the red and green lines. It’s just our funny experience on how we were able to reach the restaurant, by assuming that I have already known by heart the direction in going there.

(map captured from Google Map)


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