The Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016 is out!

The Suki Day Book 2016 comes in three colors: sandstone, gray and scarlet. It is covered in canvas fabric. The theme for the year 2016 is about getting healthy through exercise. Unlike the previous Mercury Drug Suki Day Books, this has no monthly planner. It has years 2016 and 2017 calendars, 5 colorful and informative poster pages, approximately 120 ruled pages with tips on wellness, and 16 blank pages that is good for doodling.

I chose scarlet because the pharmacy attendant said red was available. Had I known that the “red” color is close to maroon, I would have chosen sandstone.

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For 3 years since December 2012, the Mercury Drug Suki Day Book had been surely available on the first day of December in Mercury Drug stores. I was surprised when I first saw it on the third Sunday of November 2015. That night, I was not able to bring my Mercury Drug Suki Card containing at least 30 Suki points, which was needed to claim the 2016 Suki Day Book for free. It costs P200 if you are going to buy it when you are short of 30 Suki points or if you don’t have the Mercury Drug Suki Card. So I can sleep well, I got my Mercury Drug Suki Card at home and came back to Mercury Drug store right away to get my own 2016 Suki Day Book. Ahhh, writing makes me feel so good! Every year since 2012, I see to it that I should be able to earn at least 30 Suki points before December comes. I find it easy because I buy some grocery items from any of Mercury Drug store branches, and some medicines once in a while as I don’t get sick often (praise God!).

Here’s more: you can also get a chance to own a 2016 Suki Day Book by joining the very easy guessing game. Click the photo below to find out the mechanics. Good luck! 😀

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