The thought of an ice cream makes me stop and think for a while. The sound of a dirty ice cream vendor’s bell makes me go out of the house hastily. An ice cream surprise can change my mood from grumpy to nice.

Ice cream is my favorite of all sweets. It may have been stored permanently in the cortex of my brain that’s why I can easily recognize sounds and images related to ice cream. I can pass with chocolates and pastries, but not ice cream, as long as it is plain. I don’t like nuts, marshmallows and other ingredients that may interrupt when I am savoring its soft and creamy texture.

In August 2013, my friends and I decided to try the Pen Pals at The Lobby at Peninsula Manila in Makati City. Pen Pals (see topmost picture) is a 19-scoop ice cream dessert, garnished with wafer sticks, fruit bits, chocolate, whipped cream, and of course a cherry on top. We were six who accepted the challenge to finish it all. It was enormous! It had been around an hour of “euphoria.” But that’s it. It’s okay with me if I may not be able to eat Pen Pals again. It’s too much for me. Two years ago, the Pen Pals costed around P990 plus charges. Then I learned from in an article written on February 13, 2015 that the Pen Pals now costs a total of P1,842 (P1500 + 10% service charge + 0.80% food tax + 12% Vat). Wow.

I was delighted upon discovering the Ice Cream Palette in the menu of desserts of Hill Station in Baguio City. I was privileged to be the one who made the itinerary during our last visit in Baguio City this November 2015. Hill Station was then a definite destination. Five scoops of ice cream, each with distinct flavor…and plain (my most important criterion), at least mostly, was a reasonable amount to indulge, but not so much. The five flavors available that time were Dark Chocolate with Cayenne, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Cinnamon, Benguet Coffee with Choco Chips and Green Tea. It costs P195 (plus 10% service charge), which for me is a reasonable price.

Ice Cream Palette
Ice Cream Palette at Hill Station, Upper Session Road, Baguio City

Coming from a family with diabetes in the bloodline, I also limit my intake of ice cream. Sometimes I make it as a reward after jogging for several days in a week. A cone of soft serve ice cream, 1 stick of Strawberry Melona ice cream, 425 mL of Magnolia Classic Ube ice cream, 1 piece of Buko Salad ice cream stick, 1 cup of Mango-flavored dirty ice cream or 1 piece of Fruitas avocado ice candy is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and make me very happy. 😀