Jollibee Malanday (Valenzuela City) opened today, November 29, 2015. The opening was 2 days apart from the opening of Jollibee Valenzuela Town Center, which is the 19th Jollibee store in Valenzuela City.

The location of Jollibee Malanday was the site where the old Mercury Drug store Malanday was. Beside the Jollibee store is another Jollibee Foods Corporation chain store, Red Ribbon (construction is still ongoing as of this writing).

Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain that sells comfort foods such as burgers, steaks, fries, chicken, spaghetti, soft serve ice cream, etc.

I would always go for home cooked meals especially vegetables dishes. But I can’t help eating food from Jollibee because it is almost everywhere. The food aroma and “juicilicious” taste especially that of their chicken and spaghetti are distinct and inviting for me, especially if I’m hungry. Jollibee offers convenience and a variety of innovative foods and combo choices in the menu to its patrons.

Just like children who become excited when they knew the whole family is going to Jollibee on a Sunday or that they will have birthday party at Jollibee, I was delighted as well upon knowing that Jollibee would be so near my place. I would usually stop by somewhere in the evening to eat dinner when going home for the weekend. I usually become hungry while stuck in Metro Manila Traffic.