Yesterday I received a gift from my friend, Antonette. I too own several tumblers already. Each have different functions:

  1. Small Starbucks thermal tumbler for hot coffee or hot chocolate (gift from Sister-in-law 7 years ago),
  2. the pink self-locking tumbler for my apple cider vinegar solution (gift from my friend based in Canada)
  3. pink and violet apiece of 1-Liter Nalgene tumbler for my 3 liters daily consumption of water and for hiking use as well,
  4. L&L tumbler with straw for fruits and vegetables smoothie, and
  5. 350 mL Home gallery cylinder that usually place inside my bag when I travel.

My new Snoopy tumbler was given out of thoughtfulness of a friend. Antonette loves giving sweet somethings to her close friends. She knew that I like Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts Gang.

The Peanuts comic strip was colorfully illustrated by Charles M. Schulz. 😀 I feel happy when I see pictures of the characters together. Each peanut character has its own distinct characteristic. The comic strip is simple, but it tells a lot about reality of life. It projects the value of friendship. For example, Snoopy, the pet of Charlie Brown, will do anything to protect Woodstuck (the yellow bird). Marcie and Peppermint Patty are best friends who compliment each other. The Peanuts fans may see themselves in one or two of the characters. At times, the comic strip can be touchy.

The Peanuts novelty items are somewhat difficult to find in the Philippines, unlike in South Korea and USA for example where there are Peanuts stores.