Que sera sera: Ballerina, fireman, astronaut, movie star

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is a common question, almost automatic, by adults to children. I myself was asked with the same question over and over by different people when I was a kid. As far as I can remember, the first thing I wanted was to be a doctor, with no specific specialization. When my interest changed to becoming a lawyer, I received doubtful looks from my aunts among other people. They said I was too meek to be a lawyer. At the age of ten, guess what and are you ready for this? I wanted to become an astronaut. I wanted to go to the Sun. There must be a way, I thought. That puzzled “inquirers” all the more. But I was serious and so hopeful that time by virtue of being an A-1 pupil. Obviously, nobody has been to the sun until the present year, 2015, not even to Mars or to Venus. Nevertheless, I believe that children should be left to dream whatever they want. Only God knows what wonderful capabilities a child may have. To be discouraged because nobody has done it yet deems the end of it all. To dream like a child knows no limit. To commit a mistake sometimes leads to awesome discoveries.

I became a Chemist one decade after dreaming to be an Astronaut. What happened? I was exposed to the realities of life. And just like the cubes, with letters, of a Boggle being shaken and finally fitting into square holes, I “fell in love” with Chemistry at Junior High. What I am now is still a reality of a dream during my teenage years. At least I am still in the field of Science.


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