Segunda mano is a Spanish phrase, also used in the Philippines, that means secondhand. It describes something as previously owned and passed on to another.

There was a Filipino horror film in 2011 that is entitled Segunda Mano, starred by Dingdong Dantes, Kris Aquino and Angelica Panganiban. I was able to watch the movie since I am a fan of entertainment that makes my heart pound. Unfortunately, I already forgot if I felt that way for the movie.

While I was riding the LRT train last Saturday, I noticed an ad on Segunda Mana that caught my attention right away. From the ad, I understood that Caritas Manila was accepting in-kind donations to help the needy. I have many unused stuffs at home so I was interested. Since I was standing inside the train that time, I cannot save the contact details on my phone. I just decided to know more about the program on the internet.

Caritas Manila, as quoted from their website, is a lead church Non-Profit Organization that operates in the Philippines. It aims to help alleviate poverty through programs on education and economics that it initiates and develops for the benefit of its youth and family partners.

On why it was called Segunda Mana, it is almost self-explanatory. But I think I still need to elaborate for those who do not understand Tagalog or Spanish. “Segunda” means “second,” and “mana”  means “inheritance.” From the common phrase segunda mano, Segunda Mana means secondhand things whose value can be inherited by those in need. Segunda Mana, also known as Caritas in Kind, is a fund-raising project that collects used or unused items but can still be sold.

The following Monday, I went to LBC (courier company) in Paseo de Santa Rosa to pay a utility bill. Then I accidentally stumbled upon Segunda Mana Charity Outlet! Just in time for Christmas.

Caritas Manila Segunda Mana Charity Outlet, Paseo de Santa Rosa

There was a donation box outside where it would be so easy to drop plastic bags or cartons containing in kind donations. Almost all information about Segunda Mana can also be found on the donation box.




Seguna Mana Map
Map to Segunda Mana Charity Outlet, Paseo de Santa Rosa