I would like to begin by saying that I’m not a dentist. I just want to share my experience, observations and steps  on how I battled pain due to a growing wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth, the innermost teeth, grow the latest among the others. They usually sprout when a person is already an adult. However, not  all wisdom teeth grow normally. In some cases they are so-called impacted, which means they grow not upwardly but on a slant or even horizontal position. They would hurt and sometimes need an operation in order to be extracted. I have read from another blog that wisdom tooth extraction is a multi-million business in Dental industry, but one does not really need to have them extracted if they don’t bother in any way. Just think of the ancient people who did not have any dentist during their time. Wisdom teeth has no use either.

I was in College when I noticed my lower wisdom teeth growing. They hurt, but I remember the pain was tolerable. I can still concentrate on doing other things while feeling the pain. They looked normal, growing upwardly, but part of them were covered by my gums. I thought that the growing wisdom teeth naturally pushes the gums farther inside until they would be completely uncovered. But I had observed that this situation had been continual. It would stop growing for a while, thus no pain felt, then would resume a few years later.

In November 2015, I experienced extreme pain with my growing lower right wisdom tooth. I consider myself someone who can tolerate pain more than others, but that time I cannot concentrate doing other things especially when at work. The pain was continuous and the degree of pain was constant. The following were what I did and you may consider doing also when such pain visits you:
1. Keep calm. A growing wisdom tooth is a completely normal phenomenon. Resistance to pain varies from person to person. There are also several ways on how to alleviate pain. I was sensitive I had toothache. I informed those around me that I was in pain so they would bother me less or at least they may not make unnecessary noise, but I didn’t overdo it. It may anmoy others also.
2. Take Mefenamic Acid when necessary. Just as I mentioned, people respond to pain differently. But when the pain was too much to bear,  I took Mefenamic Acid. I took the medicine every 6 hours for 5 days until I was able to tolerate the pain of a continually growing lower right wisdom tooth. Sometimes I would wake up at dawn only to find out I could have been awoken by extreme pain. The first time I felt it, I prayed and offered my suffering for other sick people who may be in more extreme pain than I did due to some sickness, and suffered with it longer.
3. Try living with it if possible. Unlike stomachache that one can lie on prone position, muscle pain that one can massage the affected area in order to alleviate the pain, one may not be able to do anything natural in order to pave the pain of a toothache away. When the pain was tolerable, I did my best to forget about it by keeping myself busy doing others things of my interest. If that was not possible, I went back to  steps 1 and 2. I could have sought help from a dentist for a worst case scenario.

It is currently the Christmas break. My teeth are fine, no pain felt. I thought that it was the perfect time to have one of my wisdom tooth extracted. I visited my favorite dentist this afternoon for that reason. I was not afraid to be injected with anesthesia in multiple portions of my gums and a few more times when the effect lessened. But my fear may have been just masked because I was sweating as the dentist was choosing the right metal tool to extract my lower left wisdom tooth. The crown just broke into pieces, but was not completely uprooted. How I wish I can tell you that the extraction was successful and I’m currently undergoing healing. But that’s not the case. After about an hour and a half of trying, the dentist decided to stop and have the wisdom tooth remains soften first and that I will have to go back to the clinic after 4 days.

I’m not sure if the chill I experienced when I got home was in any way connected to the tooth extraction. Fortunately, it stopped after I forced myself to eat a little dinner. I feel pain now, but tolerable. I hope it will not be so much when the effect of Mefenamic Acid disappears after a few hours. Meanwhile, I have to follow the 3 steps I have shared above on dealing with toothache. Wish me well. I’m wishing you a healthy dental health, and a healthy smile.