Happy New Year!!! It’s January 3rd; I may be one of the latest to express greetings for the new year, 2016. But this is my first blog this year.

I usually book my flight back to Manila on the last trip of the airline I chose, Sunday prior to the first day of work on the New Year. This had been to maximize my vacation. What I am about to write is not something new, but it will be the first time that I will write about it.

Approaching the check in counters of Cebu Pacific 2 hours ago, I noticed 2 computerized printouts hanging at each counter. I could not read the words from about 5 meters away with my 20/20 vision. One…two…three more steps closer…voila! My flight ย is one in the list that will be delayed for not 1, but 2 hours and 15 minutes. I won’t talk about possible reactions of other passengers. I haven’t observed anything wild either. Rather, I would like to share my own.

POKER FACE. Before I left home, I saw a news report on TV about traffic conditions in North and South Luzon Expressways, bus, airport terminals and wharfs to monitor traffic and influx ย of passengers going to and fro Manila since the holiday break had just ended. It was mentioned that many flights within the day had been delayed. Because of that plus previous experiences within several years ago, I looked into the possibility that my flight will also be delayed, although I was hoping at the same time it won’t. Since unfortunately the fact was I had to wait for 2 hours and 15 minutes more, I normally checked in my baggage at the counter. I had the opportunity to stay calm and relaxed in the next things that I had to do since I felt that I had all the time in the world. It was the complete opposite of being in a heart-pounding situation when coming from Metro Manila’s traffic then running and praying that you will make it to the boarding gate right on time. At least my cells were not stressed.

INFORM CONCERNED PEOPLE. I called my parents who dropped me at Iloilo International airport and my brother who will pick me up at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 about my delayed flight. This was an SOP for such situations. What were the pros? They got an idea on the real situation I am in. They knew that nothing was to be worried about. They did not call several minutes after the other and that made me save mobile phone battery that I will surely need later in the evening…or past midnight.

ORGANIZE. I found a perfect time to organize my wallet, coin purse and bag that had random receipts, disarranged paper bills and cards, outdated tickets, and others. I was able to write down random thoughts that I may easily forget when my day will start tomorrow, on my Moleskine mini notebook.

PLAN. It was also a perfect time to plan on how to continue and execute my tasks for the succeeding days at work. I just had a great vacation and it may feel like I will be “lost” when I go back to work. But having a written plan on what to do first and next and so on will guide me to get back on track.

WRITE A BLOG. Finding time to write a blog when the regular schedule had been disrupted may require more effort. But waiting has given me the opportunity to train myself to write short articles fastly, just like what I am doing. I am about to finish!

Doing something worthwhile than ranting on a situation out of my control was a skill I developed over the years. A delay may in fact be just a blessing caught in traffic.