While proclaiming the First Reading from the book of the prophet Isaiah in the Holy Mass today, the challenge to help those in need struck me.

First Reading: Isaiah 58:7-12 03-Feb-17 First Reading: Isaiah 58:7-10 03-Feb-17

While riding a bus I got a good opportunity to help in one of the simplest ways. I usually don’t buy candies sold by self-supporting individuals. But this time, it was pens that this guy was selling…so how could I say no? (I just love writing!) Besides, I was curious how an iPen6 looked like 😄. I was really planning to buy a cheap pen earlier so I can refill my fancy ice cream pen that ran out of ink. This incident broke my almost impulsive reaction to say no everytime someone is selling something in buses. I’m thankful for this chance.

In addition, I also learned from the Mass that a simple act of love may inspire others to live.