It was 10 minutes before 8 in the morning when I went inside my favorite comfort room at PICC Main. I needed to fix myself after having walked a longer distance than usual. I will be serving as lector at the 9:00 a.m. session (SYNC) of Feast Bay Area. There were 2 other ladies, one after the other, who were with me at the comfort room. Each time one would leave, there would be deafening silence. I combed my hair and applied light make up. I put my eyeglasses on, and started to practice in front of the mirror: “A reading from the letter of Saint Paul to the Romans.” Suddenly, the hand dryer behind me burred to life! My first reaction was: ‘Oh, alright, there’s a ghost who may have happened to go near the dryer and she was detected by the sensor.’ When I turned to the dryer, it was not automatic! One has to push the big button for it to work!! My nerves immediately made me  grab my bag and quickly went out of the comfort room. When I was outside, I saw a guard and I told him, “Kuya…yung hand dryer kusang umandar.” (Sir, the hand dryer turned on on its own.) He was speechless at first, hearing the sound of the hand dryer. The hand dryer sound died down and the guard said, “Ayan okay na po.. ipapa-check ko na lang.” (There, it has already stopped. I will just have it checked.) I was thinking then of possibility of an electrical malfunction. I hope that was just that. I quickly went to the elevator to take me to the floor where the Mass will be held.

I would usually saunter along the halls of PICC alone, climb up and down its staircases whether dimly lit or not, but I was not afraid. It was my first experience of such kind in the place.