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Journey to Health and Wellness

FAK Basic Components

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One of the travel essentials I always bring with me is Continue reading “FAK Basic Components”

First Aid Kit

“Look what I’ve got!” I told my friend excitedly as I took out of my bag a Continue reading “First Aid Kit”

A Delayed Flight is Equal to More Work Done

Happy New Year!!! It’s January 3rd; I may be one of the latest to express greetings for the new year, 2016. But this is my first blog this year.

I usually book my flight back to Manila Continue reading “A Delayed Flight is Equal to More Work Done”

When Wisdom Tooth is Creating Pain Like Crazy

I would like to begin by saying that I’m not a dentist. I just want to share my experience, observations and steps ¬†on how I battled pain due to a growing wisdom tooth. Continue reading “When Wisdom Tooth is Creating Pain Like Crazy”

5 Tips on How to Delay Ageing

Ageing is inevitable whether we like it or not. “Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock,” says the clock. Continue reading “5 Tips on How to Delay Ageing”

Sweet & Cold Sedimentary Rock
Mango Float

This has been a classic dessert that is available in our home with or without occasion as long as almost everyone, if not everyone, is around. Continue reading “Sweet & Cold Sedimentary Rock”

Nutritious is Delicious

I cooked food for a special visitor yesterday. There was no specific food request so I planned to cook what I wanted to eat for lunch: Tinolang Manok (Chicken Ginger Stew). Ahh..the warmth and comfort of a hot, savory chicken stew! Continue reading “Nutritious is Delicious”

The Box

Long queue…red light, green light…silence.

Pounding chest…cold, sweaty hands…weakened knees.

Trembling voice… Continue reading “The Box”

Life in a Straw

Man may survive 3 weeks without food, and only 3 days without water. Continue reading “Life in a Straw”

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