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Journey to Health and Wellness

I can’t stay mad at you

I Can’t Stay Mad at You because I choose and decide not to.”

Pride…revenge…hatred. Many people hold on to these when they are mad at somebody else in order to get even, and perhaps to make themselves feel better. There are many ways that people do to vent their anger. Continue reading “I can’t stay mad at you”

Hill Station

The plan to have dinner at Hill Station was cancelled…and was moved earlier to lunch because 50’s Diner along Leonard Wood Road near the Laperal White House was full-packed.

I was surprised that the cab driver did not know where Hill Station was Continue reading “Hill Station”

Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016

The Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016 is out!

The Suki Day Book 2016 comes in three colors: sandstone, gray and scarlet. It is covered in canvas fabric. The theme for the year 2016 is Continue reading “Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016”

Oh My Gulay

Meal after meal of trying different meat dishes, our stomachs cried for something that would ease digestion. There is one place to go in Session Road: Oh My Gulay restaurant, a haven for vegetarians and health buffs alike. Continue reading “Oh My Gulay”

Cafe by the Ruins

It was a lovely morning with clear sky when we arrived at Baguio City. We decided to stop by Cafe by the Ruins for a quick breakfast before going to Diplomat Hotel, the first destination in our itinerary. Continue reading “Cafe by the Ruins”

I Made It Through the Pain

It was the 30th of November in 2010, Bonifacio Day, a holiday. I was home, alone.

I was in front of the computer when I felt like a click on my lower back. The pain that it created made me to automatically head downstairs where my mobile phone was. To my surprise, I was having a hard time going down the stairs! I could not move my hips! Continue reading “I Made It Through the Pain”

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