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Journey to Personal Freedom

Notes on self expression

Five tips on how to pack lightly (for hiking newbies)

I had difficulty in deciding on what things to bring during my first climb, which was at Mt. Maculot (~611 masl) in Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines in January 2009. My backpack then was a Jansport bag. I brought 1 liter of water and 500 mL of sports energy drink. I still did not know how to budget my liquid supply. I almost ran out of water until the next morning. Continue reading “Five tips on how to pack lightly (for hiking newbies)”

I can’t stay mad at you

I Can’t Stay Mad at You because I choose and decide not to.”

Pride…revenge…hatred. Many people hold on to these when they are mad at somebody else in order to get even, and perhaps to make themselves feel better. There are many ways that people do to vent their anger. Continue reading “I can’t stay mad at you”

Simply Irresistible: I-C-E C-R-E-A-M

The thought of an ice cream makes me stop and think for a while. The sound of a dirty ice cream vendor’s bell makes me go out of the house hastily. An ice cream surprise can change my mood from grumpy to nice. Continue reading “Simply Irresistible: I-C-E C-R-E-A-M”

Mt. Cloud Bookshop

Mt. Cloud Bookshop could be a “sweet” stop for book lovers when in Baguio City. Continue reading “Mt. Cloud Bookshop”

Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016

The Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016 is out!

The Suki Day Book 2016 comes in three colors: sandstone, gray and scarlet. It is covered in canvas fabric. The theme for the year 2016 is Continue reading “Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2016”

It Feels Good But I Can Hardly Explain Why

About one-sixth of my life was spent in a home where we had to use mosquito nets at night. My favorite place in bed would be near the wall where I would get a better feel of the mosquito net texture when I rub or just even touch the sole of my feet on it. Continue reading “It Feels Good But I Can Hardly Explain Why”

Back Subjects

There are just so much things to explore in the world to want to remain being idle.

I grew up with a lot of fear to explore new things, maybe opposite to what many people around saw. After pondering on that, I had a hint on the reasons behind. I was afraid I could not do good and I was conscious with what the people are going to say. It was a kind of thinking that I think I was able to develop because of being a bully victim when I was 5 years old. Continue reading “Back Subjects”

The Writer in Me

“I can just stare at them and feel good.”

Continue reading “The Writer in Me”

Solution to poverty??

Tomorrow, May 13th of 2013, is Election Day. While I was in the car on the way to Dumarao, Capiz from Iloilo City, I saw a line from a poster that says something like, “Ang indi pagbaligya sang boto, permanente nga solusyon sa kaimulon” (To not sell your vote is the permanent solution for poverty). Continue reading “Solution to poverty??”

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