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Back to School Outreach 2016

It’s the first week of the schoolyear! This had been the time of the year when Continue reading “Back to School Outreach 2016”

Atoms Get Excited Only For a While

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My Organic Chemistry professor once said, “Atoms get into excited state. But eventually, they will go back to their ground state. Have you ever been excited for 30 days straight?”

According to Wikipedia, quantum mechanics says that an excited state is having an energy above the absolute minimum.The lifetime of an excited state is usually short, and this return to a lower energy level is called decay. There is a long-lived excited state though, referred to as metastable.

This excited state thing may indeed be applicable human beings, as the human body is a system itself. Continue reading “Atoms Get Excited Only For a While”

One Kind of Relieving Stress

may fp(photo:

Like a child who cannot contain his happiness and excitement when he enters a place full of toys of his dreams, be it a playground or a toy store, I feel the same zest when I enter a bookstore or an office supplies store. Continue reading “One Kind of Relieving Stress”

Simple Joys of Life


Based on personal assessment, I’m more than half way towards perfecting the art of  looking into the simple joys of life and focusing on the bright side of things.

I think that’s the reason why many people say that I’m carefree and cheerful.

I was able to read a set of list of simple delights in life from Reader’s Digest many years ago, and I have made my own list. Continue reading “Simple Joys of Life”

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