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The Feast

Surprise message from an acquaintance

“At first my intention was to impress her or get her attention but it was later changed into wanting a personal change, receiving more blessings and even to the extent of being a blessing to other people.” Continue reading “Surprise message from an acquaintance”

Free e-book: How to Know If Your Dreams are God’s Dreams

How to know if your dreams...

I’ve been wanting to buy this book, “How to Know If Your Dreams Are God’s Dreams by Bo Sanchez,” since I saw it in the book table outside the Plenary Hall during  one The Feast session in PICC. But I still had many books in line, waiting for me to read them so I made a pass for it. Tonight, I was directed to a site and I got an e-book version, for free! If you would like to get your own copy, visit and be blessed.

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